Gallery of Restoration

Photos are shown in order of restoration

Beginning of restoration…

Beginning of restoration of PBR 721.

During restoration…

During Restoration

Beginning the details…

Start of details

Restoration… more details…

On the water…

How cool is this, to be on patrol with US Coast Guard and encounter an historical restored US Navy River Patrol Boat in action? 🙂

More… on the water…


  1. David Juhasz says:

    Fantastic reconstruction!
    Until Just recently i didn’t know your site nor others like it existed…go figure.
    Those build pics and the up close shots brought backa lot of memories!
    I crewed at NIOTC Jan.’70 -April ’71.
    I worked the Electric Shack.
    I had a number of boats of all classes PBR’s through STABS and ATC assigned to my “care”. Which was to maintain and repair the electrical systems used (and abused) during the training of future Riverine crews.
    Nice work! Thanks for posting the site.

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