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PBR Combat Crewman’s Reunion in Hampton, Virginia

This joint US Army, US Navy reunion under the US Army's 458th's Transportation Co. (PBR) Vietnam Veterans reunion officers, went better than expected

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Fitting out for the joint Army, Navy Vietnam PBR veterans reunion in Hampton, VA

Sunday evening , Sept 20, 2015, at the Pelican Marina, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. PBR’s 721 and 6927 are all set to get underway at 08:00 Monday morning!  Gamewardens, MMCS, Bill Ferguson and his wife Nancye stopped by for some refreshments and to wish us a safe journey!

Enclosed are some current pics taken this evening!

Two Boat Patrol

Today marks a small historical event not seen in some time here on the East Coast,  when there will be two (2) PBR’s on the same river! 🙂  Dave Pizzoferrato  is trailering his PBR 6927 down here from Richmond, Ohio to the Pelican Marina here in Elizabeth City, NC today, to join up with PBR 721 on the Pasquotank river.

Monday we will be taking both boats from Elizabeth City, NC. up through the Dismal swamp canal to the Elizabeth river, then past the Portsmouth Naval shipyard and the Norfolk Naval base,  to the Crown Plaza hotel in Hampton, Virginia. for our Joint US Army and US Navy, PBR combat crewman reunion!
Dave and I have been working on the event for over a year, not only for the reunion , but to get our two PBR’s in the water on the same river!  I hope we will get some good pictures of the event to pass on to you all, next weekend perhaps!